Thursday, May 21, 2009

Help a furry out

this is in regaurds to an assignment my teacher is making us do not only am I bad at writing with a human theme but we must make the "diary as if it were believably an old medival diary it must be about someone living during the black plague is two weeks worth of journal entries and must use real names and places. this means no kitztas nizlers rights or even power island names!
I need someone to write me an out line. the whole thing or... something help me somehow please I will be forever in gratitude

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Saunders the pumpkin

Well it's spreading around the internet although not very fast
as a song's lyrics entitled "Saunders the pumpkin"
seing this you would have probably thought what the heck??!!!

well I basically started this song. before I tell you why I will give you some backup information on this Saunders guy

saunders is a man who recently killed a wolf from a snowmobile after chasing it 35 miles
not only is saunders a stupid bastard but he wants his child to be the same
"There's times I'd like to get rid of all of them, but that's not realistic either," Saunders said. "And I'd like for my son one day to be able to hunt them, too."

saunders also plans to make the wolf into a rug!

he deserves to be made fun of...

so I wrote this lovely song
(to the tune of frosty the snowman)


Saunders the pumpkin
was 1,000,000m wide
and he killed a wolf from a snowmobile
but his head will blow up and dies

and now to quote from an article I found about him on the internet

‘Once in a lifetime’
Posted: Wednesday, Apr 16th, 2008
BY: Joy Ufford

Bondurant hunter shares his personal experience with wolves

"Tony Saunders is part rancher, part farmer. He’s also an outfitter, cowboy, snowmobiler – and an avid hunter" damb you forgot to mention he is public ememy of elementals, a bastard, nizzler food and a rotting pumpkin

“They are a tremendously big dog,” he said. “Bigger than any dog I’ve ever seen.” stupid ass! call a kitzta a cat AND DIE!!!

"Saunders emphasized he’s not trying to upset people against wolf hunting but wants them to understand how and why wolves can negatively affect wildlife and livelihoods"
well too bad ruddy pumpkin headed bastard you pissed me off
they positively effect wildlife and livelihoods and your stupid lies confirm you are nothing more than contaminated nizzler chow

"Wolves should be managed like trophy-game animals because they are trophy game"
no they arn't and if you dare try to create elemental hunting season I will sick my HUMAN hunting nizzlers on you!

“There’s a difference between people who kill and people who hunt,” he said. “It’s once in a lifetime. Anything you get one shot at doing, I think is pretty exciting.”
I once dropped a pumpkin out my window it splattered in a mess it had no brains
I wonder if your anatomy is simular to your outer appearence you stupid pumpkin head
there is no difference between hunting and murder YOU WILL BURN IN HELL AND I WILL LAUGH AT YOU!!!

*nizzlers hiss angrily*


Saunders the pumpkin
was 1,000,000m wide
and he killed a wolf from a snowmobile
but his head will blow up and dies

he chased the wolf for 35 miles until he finally killed it
but kitzta's getting angry and ready to kill him


Saunders the pumpkin
was 1,000,000m wide
and he killed a wolf from a snowmobile
but his head will blow up and dies

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

so awesome

wow we have an end aerial gunnig coloring page where you can tell Sarah Palin why you want her to stop it
this makes me happy
boo! whysarahpalinissofreakingawesome.blogspot
this is so cool I must resist making one

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Kitzta dash

LOL I am almost finished Kitzta dash It will be published sometime in 2009

And Just to let you know two sequils will be made where you can actually be the wolf in the game. A hint I will give you is in the "Alaskan Version" there has something to do with dragons and the "Idaho Version" has something to do with Pengiathan

When I get a screen shot of the game I will show you the difference between the two versions of kitzta dash

Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Wolf Hunters